Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | February 9, 2014

Essential considerations for your building lot

 Some people looking into islamic home financing are lucky enough to be able to build a custom home on a building lot of their own choice. Making the decision to go with islamic mortgage financing essentially gets the money considerations out of the way so they can concentrate on this house huntingall-important first step in the building process.

  • Seasonal considerations.  Keep in in mind that your building lot looks different in various seasons.  You might like it just as much in the winter as you did when the leaves were still on the trees, but that longer drive needs to be ploughed when the snow falls and that’s the type of  consideration you need to take into account. Even the neighborhood you choose could be drastically different on the weekends when it comes to noise and traffic. It pays to visit the potential site at different times if your schedule allows.
  • Local resources are another thought. Even if you’re looking for that rustic home in the country, there are some practical items to think about when it comes to the lot. Rurally, you need to judge the cost of drilling the well and having the power lines run in.  Selecting the right building lot on the city is about looking at the amenities that are close like shopping and transportation.

When you start looking at all the variables, you’ll see that islamic mortgage financing is only the first step.

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