Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | February 14, 2014

Using ijara loans to buy an older or newer home? Here’s a few pointers for each

Of course there are many benefits for Muslims to using ijara loans to buy a home. First and foremost, it’s important for these people to stay sharia compliant and that means away from riba. When the choices come down to a brand-new place in a subdivision or an older home in a more established neighborhood, there are a few choices that need to be made and here’s some arguments for both sides of that coin.

New Home

Active families on the go quite often lean towards getting a new home with their islamic loans usa. The reasons are simple. Buying a new home means there’s hardly any maintenance for a number of years because everything is brand-new from the builder. The newer home also incorporates all the house huntinglatest technology when it comes to important elements like window glass and roofing.

Older Home

The older home is generally found in a much more established neighborhood that has a lot of character. On top of the developed landscaping and mature trees, you generally won’t find any construction noise around one of these older places.

As far as the type of home you want to buy, it’s good to know ijara loans can apply to either purchase.





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