Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | February 23, 2014

Islamic Mortgage Loans and February Maintenance

Winter weather has beaten parts of North America and Canada pretty thoroughly this year and as we slowly head towards Spring, this is a good time to get the jump on some of the damage that might have been caused by Jack Frost. Selecting ijara loans was the first fiscally responsible step you took on a path of homeownership and this kind of seasonal maintenance is just another responsibility.

Now is a good time to check the spots on the inside of your home where the winter weather could’ve caused leaks or any other kind of damage. Start in the basement and look for any obvious signs like oval stains on the walls and even puddles when the snow outside starts to thaw. A tube of caulking will fill in the smaller gaps, but some spray foam sealant is just the thing to fill any larger holes you find letting in moisture like those under windows.

Being thorough is a good idea and using the same kind of attention to detail you did when selecting Islamic home financing is the proper way to carefully look around outside for storm damage. Missing or damaged siding and shingles will need to be replaced before the Spring rains start.

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