Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 1, 2014

Islamic mortgage loans and battling winter heat losses

Since this has been one of the coldest winters in recent memory, it’s a good idea to make sure as little as possible of your heating dollar is sneaking out through leaks you can easily fix. Deciding on Islamic mortgage loans was a smart move; here’s a few easy fixes to prevent Old Man Winter from getting a bigger bite from your paycheck.

Weather-Stripping Does Wonders

If you stop and think about the fact that doors are really nothing more than great big holes in the side of your house, you’ll see how important it is to save moneyseal around the cracks even when they’re closed. Weather stripping from your local home improvement store does wonders. It’s inexpensive and an efficient way to save on heating dollars flowing out through the front door.

Better Basement Insulation

By now you’ve realized the financial benefits of ijara loans so why not go one step further and fix a problem that can account for up to one-third of the heat loss in your home? If you’re not interested in finishing the walls or don’t have the money at the present time, filling a basement floor crack is a good way to stop the chill from getting in.

Islamic mortgage loans are a solid investment. There’s no need to lose money in other ways through easily fixed winter heating leaks.

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