Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 5, 2014

Islamic home financing and how to sell your home without an agent

Islamic mortgage loans are an easy, fast way to buy a home. They keep you Sharia complaint and with the right firm working for you, the process is simple. Once you’ve been in the house you bought with islamic home financing for a while, you might decide to sell again and listing the place yourself is a viable option. With modern technology, you can save literally thousands in real estate fees if you’re willing to do a little extra work.

Legal Stuff

Start by getting the legal paperwork together. Get the title, insurance documents and other legal contracts together before you start. Giving your lawyer negotiationsa heads up is another good idea since any closing will need their services.


Because you won’t have the expert help from islamic home financing professionals you did when you bought, consulting public records about what the homes in your area are going for is the best way to price yours.


There are numerous websites available that can help you get the word out, but you need to be sure they’re targeting your locality. An old fashioned For Sale sign doesn’t hurt and you might even want to think about putting on an open house.

Thinking back on what you needed to present when dealing with islamic mortgage loans can help you out here.

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