Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 9, 2014

Some excellent bathroom renovations tips that work with ijara loans

Any real estate agent will tell you one of the most important renovations for your house is either the bathroom or kitchen. After you get ijara loans to finance the purchase, you should be looking at ways ou can increase your equity either for resale or personal enjoyment.

Here’s a few bathroom renovations to complement your choice in islamic loans usa:

  • Elegant Features. The pedestal sink might be just the thing to liven the room or attract potential buyers. Some older homes still have a clunky home ownership dec28cabinet assembly, so choosing a pedestal sink not only frees up some room, but adds graceful lines to your bathroom. Going for a claw-foot tub accomplishes the same goal.
  • One Mirror. One thoughtfully placed mirror does the trick of many mirrored surfaces in the bathroom and is a simple way to approach another elegant touch.
  • Good Flooring. Stone, marble or ceramic tiles are an excellent choice that are also water resistant.

The ijara loans you bought so you could stay Sharia compliant are only part of the total picture when you own a house.

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