Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 10, 2014

Islamic Loans USA Energy Saving Tips That Put Cash Back In Your Pocket

Saving money is one of the priorities for new homeowners who’ve just purchased a property using ijara loans.  Even though you are  Sharia compliant and safe from riba  with islamic loans usa, watching your pennies is important while you get your footing in the real estate market.

Here’s a few great ways to put some cash back in your pocket.

  • Ceiling fans. Because these are the perfect tool to circulate air through different rooms in your house, you can get away with keeping the temperature a little lower in the summer on the thermostat and  a little higher in the winter. The air should be blowing downward in the summersave money and upward when it’s colder outside for maximum effect.
  • Programmable thermostats.  You can save quite a bit of energy use when the thermostat is set lower in the winter when you’re at work or asleep. These can be programmed to cool the house just before you get home too.

Islamic loans usa are based on the whole idea of trust and that’s the perfect way for Muslim families to buy a home. A few good tips will help these same families save a few dollars.



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