Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 11, 2014

What buyers want most in a neighborhood

You want to get the most for your islamic loans usa dollar and that means buying in a great neighborhood. Here’s a few things that recently polled city planners said you should be looking for in an excellent place to live:

  •  The best neighborhoods are close to well paying jobs and the city planners polled recently by MSN say that this factor alone can promote a neighborhood’s popularity and drive home prices and your equity up with it.
  • Believe it or not wide sidewalks are another essential ingredient for the best neighborhoods. People want to be able to meet and greet each other because we’re hardwired for human contact and these wide sidewalks allow everyone to stroll comfortably and have their own space at the same time.
  • People also want to have a walkability factor in a great neighborhood. They prefer being able to stroll to shops, stores and even the downtown home ownershipcore.

Your ijara loans are an excellent starting point for settling into a new neighborhood and these tips can lay a great foundation to start the search for that new home.


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