Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 12, 2014

Some handy tips for winning a bidding war with ijara loans

While there are no means bidding wars in every market across the United States and Canada, you can easily find yourself after getting ijara loans caught up in one of these over a property you want in a prestigious market. It’s not always the highest offer that gets the prize here; many different sellers want to go with the offer they are sure will go through and pay off.

  • Having your financial house in order when it comes to Islamic loans usa is a solid foundation if you think you’ll be buying in an area where there might be bidding wars. Don’t be one of those buyers who looks for a lender and home at the same time. Start by getting preapproved.
  • If you really want to stay ahead of the competition, the experts suggest that you make an offer on a place that you really want the same day it goes home inspectoron the market. Having your agent on speed dial with the seller’s counterpart is a quick way to get the deal done.

If you were thinking ahead when you got your ijara loans, you got the contact information for a home inspector at the same time and now you’ll need to keep them on alert for any prospective purchases to finish first in a bidding war.

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