Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 25, 2014

If you’re buying a summer vacation home with your islamic home financing, you need to consider these tips

Islamic mortgage financing will help you when you’re looking at buying a summer vacation property or a more permanent dwelling. Make sure you consider these key factors before you proceed because the process is different in several ways.


More often than not, you’ll need to travel longer distances to look at these properties, and there are typically fewer to look at. Think twice before you purchase by only looking at the pictures and videos on websites that cater to vacation homes. These sites generally only highlight the positives. If there’s any damage to the property, you probably won’t see it unless you inspect the place physically.


People who buy vacation homes generally want to rent them out during the nonpeak months. While it is generally a little bit harder than finding someone to rent the place for the entire year, it’s not impossible. However it’s a good idea to have a damage deposit requirement and references from any potential renters to mitigate any possible issues. Islamic mortgage financing can easily help you to get a vacation property, but the requirements for finding the right one are a little different than a regular home.            

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