Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 2, 2014

Islamic home financing and choosing the right location

Along with Islamic home financing, choosing the right location for any house that you want to buy is a critical decision. You’ll need to find what’s called a suitable neighborhood and there are a few ingredients that go into one of these including:

• Safety: Islamic mortgage financing is designed to keep you Sharia compliant but there’s more to your family’s safety when you’re thinking about the right locations to live in. For example, you want to make sure any place where you buy has adequate street lighting and neighbors that you can go to in case of emergency.
• Amenities: Transportation is one of the other big features that you’ll need to look at. However, if you have children it’s a good idea to look for schools nearby and shopping as well as medical facilities as you get older.

There are some other intangibles that go along with Islamic home financing and these can be classified under the ‘look and feel’ of the neighborhood. For example, tree-lined streets are much more interesting to look at, and homes that have been maintained well present a friendlier face to the street for eventual resale.




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