Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 8, 2014

Islamic home loans apply to commercial properties as well

One of the great things about applying for Islamic mortgage loans is that you can use the money you get to buy a residential or commercial property. Of course, if you choose the commercial variety, you’ll be looking at using a few different criteria to find a property that suits both your needs and budget.

Mapping out a plan of action is a good idea and you can use some of the principals you employed when you were looking for Islamic home loans and apply them to commercial properties. Of course, there will be some differences from buying a house such as you’ll want to find out how many tenants are already on board and how much space you’ll need to fill.

One of the techniques that will separate you from other people looking for commercial real estate is the ability to find those willing to sell below market value. Finding someone who is motivated to sell below this market value means you’ll stand a bigger chance of getting a deal and using your islamic mortgage loans money to better value. Familiarizing yourself with the surrounding neighborhood is another good idea.



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