Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 11, 2014

Good financial moves include islamic home financing and cutting moving costs

It’s all about the finances and costs when you buy a home or other property and it’s good to know Islamic home financing can also apply to businesses and commercial properties. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Islamic mortgage financing to buy a restaurant or a condominium, cutting down on moving expenses is a smart move that puts more cash back in your pocket where it belongs

Document Where The Money Goes

Depending upon several different factors you might be able to deduct some of the moving expenses you incur. For instance, if you’re moving for employment reasons home ownership dec28you should keep track of all the money you spend because the chances are most of it can be filed with your taxes.

Avoid Extra Charges.

If you leave something large behind in an apartment you will more than likely lose your damage deposit. If you own a house, getting rid of big items will pose a problem if your moving day doesn’t line up with extra garbage pickup schedules. You can avoid all of these issues by donating large items ahead of time to charities or having a yard sale.

Keep in mind that islamic home financing is good for both residential or business concerns.

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