Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 15, 2014

Some helpful options for low equity home owners.

Not everyone who’s gotten involved with Islamic home loans has stayed in one property long enough to build up a good amount of equity. For a variety of reasons that can include a marital breakup or job loss, people often need to sell and move on before they’ve had time to fully plug themselves into the real estate system enough to be of benefit.

That doesn’t mean all the work they’ve done with Islamic mortgage loans has gone to waste and there are some viable alternatives for people with low equity when mortgages #4they’re looking to change their lifestyle by ending a mortgage.

• Renting. Home prices and values in many part of the United States are rising and if you need to make a change right away, it might not be in your best interest to sell. Some professionals recommend renting the place out for a year or so as the prices go up even further.
• Negotiate. While it’s common to pay up to 10% of the home’s selling price in real estate commission, some agents will settle for a lower number if you know how to negotiate with them.

Islamic mortgage loans are carefully constructed to be fair to the people using them. However, unforeseen circumstances can force you into a tight position where you’ll need to come up with some inventive real estate ideas.






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