Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 23, 2014

Fire Safety in Condominiums

By now you probably understand islamic home financing will allow you to buy more than the standard family home with the money you get. More and more people are deciding on condominiums since these units tend to fit their lifestyles better. However, there are a different set of fire safety rules in these larger buildings even though you can still buy a unit with islamic mortgage financing money.

Having at least one smoke alarm in your condominium is a good idea and you should know how it works. Most people die from the smoke and not the fire and that’s something to consider when you’re looking for proactive ways to look after yourself.

You should also know where the smoke alarms are on your floor and how to pull them if necessary. People who live in condominiums and have been through fire drills also know where they will meet outside the building in the event of an incident.

Understanding fire safety for one of these high-rise buildings is a good complement to your islamic mortgage financing. If you’re unsure of these precautions, you should contact your building management or fire department.




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