Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 24, 2014

Islamic home loans and wood stove fireplace safety

The crackling fire from inside a wood stove can be comforting for your family on a cold wintry night, and when you combine that with the fact you’ve used Islamic home loans to get some real estate, the entire picture looks great. All you need to do is take a look at a few tips to make sure your wood stove is operating properly and doesn’t have any potential hazards lurking.

If you see any corrosion on the outside shell of the metal chimneys, it should be considered a warning sign you want to look after right away. Excessive heat is another one of the red flags you want to look out for and if the wall above the wood stove starts to get very hot, it could be symptomatic of an improper installation mortgage adviceand you should have an expert come in and look at the chimney immediately.

The stove pipes and connections need to be checked thoroughly to make sure each of these has a screw for safety reasons. Islamic mortgage loans are a great way to stay safely away from issues like riba. Looking after your wood stove properly is just as important.







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