Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 25, 2014

Keeping children safe around gas fireplaces

People who are conscientious enough to have taken out ijara loans should also be aware that every year children get burned by touching the glass partition on the front of gas fireplaces. Statistics tell us children under five and especially those under two years of age are the most susceptible to injury in this way. To keep your child safe around these fireplaces, you should memorize these simple rules.

1. Never leave a child unattended around a gas fireplace for even a moment. Be as conscientious as you were when you started looking into Islamic loans usa and keep in mind, young children can be burned even after these accessories have been shut off.
2. Teaching children about the dangers of fire should help to keep them safe as the younger ones are always fascinated by heat.
3. Deciding to only use one of these fireplaces after your younger children have gone to sleep is also a great way to keep everyone safe.

Ijara loans are a testament to the fact you’ve decided to look after your spiritual well-being. Looking after your child’s physical safety by learning some rules about how to use a gas fireplace is a great secondary step.







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