Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | May 15, 2014

Some Ideas For Keeping Your Basement Dry

For many homeowners, getting the right Islamic home loans product is only the beginning of the process. Depending on where you live, you might have to battle the elements to keep your basement dry. Here’s a few techniques that are tried and true ways of using your Islamic mortgage loans money to keep water out of your house.

• Sump pumps. Keep in mind, recent storms have taught us the power can be knocked out for as much as a week at a time. That means it’s a good idea to not only have a quality sump pump, but one with power sources to back up electricity. It’s possible to get one of these units with a battery backup that can run for several mortgage ratesdays.
• French Drains. These are gravel filled trenches that run around your house like a mote to capture any water that might otherwise wind up inside your basement. However, to avoid any legal hassles, it’s important to make sure these don’t empty water onto your neighbor’s property.

Your Islamic home loans are designed to help you pay the mortgage down and these tips will protect the equity.







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