Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | May 28, 2014

Ijara loans and rainwater. Here’s how this unlikely couple can work together

Although using ijara loans as a way to stay Sharia compliant and still get involved in the North American real estate market is a relatively new practice, collecting rainwater is an ancient method that has recently made a comeback in many urban areas as a way to collect an additional source of water.

Like the different kind of mortgages you can get to buy first or second properties which include Islamic loans USA and a variety of its Western counterparts, there are several different ways you can collect rainwater that range from simple to complex but share some basic components for each.

• The catchment area is typically the roof of the house or any other space where the water can be collected.
• The conveyance system is, like the name suggests, the method whereby the water is transported to a storage system like downspouts. home security
• A barrel, cistern or tank is called the storage system.

Harvesting rainwater has a number of advantages including offsetting the money you spend on ijara loans and municipal water by lowering your bill.






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