Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | May 31, 2014

Some tips for sorting through islamic mortgage loans paperwork

Buying a home is about using the money that you get through islamic home financing to have a great time looking through all the possibilities in the neighborhood that you’ve chosen. It’s about using islamic mortgage loans to decide how many bedrooms you want and what kinds of amenities you’d like to have around you to make your home experience perfect.

However there is a more practical side in that you need to do quite a bit of paperwork to get everything sorted out before you get the keys. Nowhere is this more important than during the closing process andbuying a home there are a few documents you need to be especially careful to look over thoroughly.

The Truth in Lending statement looks at some of the most important aspects of your loan including the penalties that are prescribed for late payments. All the other documents are important but not as critical as The Truth in Lending Statement and these include the Private Mortgage Insurance Disclosure and several others like the Escrow Account Statement.

There’s a serious side to buying a home with Islamic mortgage loans and you might need a professional to walk you through this aspect.




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