Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | June 5, 2014

Here’s how to draft proof your house

When you first got Islamic home loans, you were interested in saving money and staying Sharia compliant at the same time. After you’ve owned a house for a while, you’ll realize there are other methods you can use to keep more money in your wallet including draft proofing the home.

Here’s a few steps that will help you to save money:

• Perform an energy audit. One of the best ways to decide where you need to apply a tube of caulking to stop drafts in your house is by conducting an energy audit to find out where they are in the first place. Having a professional come in is one way to go about this, but you can also use a stick of incense to find out where the air is moving in and around windows and doors.home ownership
• Use the right materials. Spending a little more on the weather stripping and caulking you use for this important job is well worth it.

Draft proofing your home is showing the same kind of financial responsibility you did when you selected islamic mortgage loans to cover the initial cost of buying a place.








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