Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | June 13, 2014

Islamic home loans and checking out your roof

Once you’ve got Islamic mortgage loans and purchased a new house, the real work begins with the kind of maintenance and routine checklists you’ll need to go through to make sure you’re protecting your equity and keeping the place in top condition.

One of the most important parts of the entire structure is the roof and following are a few checklist points that will keep you busy in the different seasons making sure that important part of your home is in top flight condition. Keep in mind that Islamic home loans and this checklist work together to build a happy and safe place to live.

Before you go up on the roof, you should have someone to work with you to hold the ladder or ensure it is properly affixed to the ground and that you feel comfortable working from that height.

• Look for curling shingles. Wear and tear over the seasons causes asphalt shingles to curl up on the sides and this is the first indication your roof needs to be replaced in the near future.
• Missing shingles is a little more obvious but still a red flag that signals you need to do some work.

Islamic home loans are designed to keep you spiritually fit and these roof tips will work to keep you dry.





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