Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | June 14, 2014

Here’s a great open house checklist

Once you’ve been in the real estate game for a while and you’re familiar with islamic loans usa and how the whole system works, you might decide it’s time to buy a bigger house due to family concerns or just move because you’ve decided on a new location.

Having an open house is a great way to show off your existing home and a proven method to a quicker sale. However, there are a few things you need to take into account to make sure the whole process moves along smoothly.

• Declutter. Along with getting ijara loans, the open house needs to be thought through carefully and the first step is to declutter. No potential homeowner wants to see your junk lying around and, even worse, someone could get injured. It’s not enough to stuff everything away in closets either. Proper decluttering is about storing excesses off-site so people who are thinking about buying your house don’t see any excesses at all.
• A pre-existing home inspection is a good idea so potential buyers can see the work you’ve done.

Ijara loans are the perfect way for practicing Muslims to stay Sharia compliant. Learning a few tricks when it comes to having an open house will help them to navigate the real estate landscape as well.






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