Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | June 21, 2014

Islamic home loans and a real estate agent’s duties

After you’ve secured Islamic home loans, you’ll find it’s time to get a real estate agent and start looking for a house. These professionals can be invaluable in helping match your budget and income with the right location and here’s a brief overview of some of the duties they’ll perform for you.

Although they’re not usually involved with every aspect of the Islamic mortgage loans you have, many have different administrative duties including completing and submitting all the right real estate ijara 1documents and coordinating showings on your behalf.

Most of the professional real estate agents that are successful in their field are continually expanding their education and certifications to better serve their clients. They are also the experts with a finger on the pulse of the neighborhood you want to live in and will be able to point you towards the homes for sale and those that are about to come up on the market.

If you find a good real estate agent that also understands a bit about Islamic home loans, they might be able to help you with the closing procedures and give you some advice about the money you need to make that part that the real estate deal run smoothly.


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