Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | June 26, 2014

Consider these ideas before you use islamic home loans to buy that dream home

Once you’ve got Islamic mortgage loans under your belt and you’re ready to go out and buy a home, you need to make sure to keep your emotions in check so you don’t impulse-buy a place you really can’t afford.

• It’s important to visit the home you think you want to buy at various points during the day and night to get a good, overall impression. Keep in mind, what might seem to be a quiet street initially could for sale signactually become a noisy commuter adventure during rush hour you’d rather avoid.
• Talking to neighbors is another great way to get a full picture. If you spend just a little time knocking on doors, you’ll get the insider information on what the neighborhood you plan on living in is really like.

It’s a good idea to be as thorough as you were when you went after islamic home loans and ask the sellers for detailed records on past home improvements. Finally, don’t assume changing things around will be easy. That bathroom shower could very well be in an odd location for a structural reason.
















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