Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | July 4, 2014

Moving boxes and islamic home loans work together

One of the cornerstones in helping you get involved in the North American real estate market actually has nothing to do with financing and Islamic home loans. However, if you didn’t have the right size moving boxes the whole process would be a lot more difficult. In the same way that Islamic mortgage loans suit individual needs, there is a moving box that has a specific value to what you’re trying to take with you from one place to another.

Dish packs

As the name suggests, these are perfect and specifically designed for packing dishes but the trick here is not to put too many in one box because the extra weight could cause you to drop it and shatter everything that’s been carefully stored inside.

Mirror boxes

These can be telescoped which means two can be fitted together for mirrors or pictures that have odd lengths or shapes but it’s important to tape over the joint where the two boxes meet so they don’t separate in transit.Although these types of moving boxes don’t have anything to do with the financial end of Islamic home loans, they are essential to making sure the move goes well.





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