Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | August 15, 2014

Some great reasons why home ownership is for you.

These blogs tell you everything you need to know about getting ijara loans and islamic loans usa. We’ve tried to be very clear here at about how these products offer Muslims the chance to get involved in the North American real estate market without compromising their desire to stay Sharia compliant. There have been many mentions about the fact that these type of financial products will help you to stay clear and away from riba, but we’d like to take a minute and list a few of the bigger reasons for getting one of these ijara loans in the first place.  Here’s a few great reasons for owing a home in the United States and Canada .

  • Home ownership provides you with equity. Every time you pay rent , there’s no return on the money you put down but putting that same cash into a mortgage gives you a little more of the slice of the home ownership pie, every time.
  • Owing a home makes your proud. Having a place you can call your own gives you a sense of pride.

A home of your own also gives you the ability to borrow more money for other projects including vacation getaways and even other properties.checklist 2


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