Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | October 8, 2014

Islamic home financing and these simple checks will conserve resources.

Ask anyone that’s just bought a place with islamic mortgage financing and they’ll tell you that money is tight and you really need to know how to stretch a buck. One of the areas where you can focus is on the utilities and looking for ways to lessen the amount you’re going to pay in heating bills as the cold weather approaches.

Looking at appliances and fixtures is great way to find problems and solve them before the weather turns and takes a bite out of your wallet.

Start by checking the taps in your home to make sure they don’t drip. If you’ve got an issue with these, the chances are you’ll need to replace the valve cartridges on the newer models or the washers if your faucets are older. Next , pour some colored liquid into the toilet bowl to see if there’s a leak in the tank. Replacing the stopper at the bottom of the tank is the remedy here if ijara 1there’s a problem.

You’ll need to check to see if your windows are drafty as well. You can lose hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs through leaks so you’ll want to caulk up the holes in the trim or replace the windows as you see fit.

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