Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | October 13, 2014

Here’s the best places to invest your ijara loans

Not everyone that gets involved in real estate just wants to a buy a home and raise a family there. Islamic loans usa are also useful for the people that want to invest in real estate and watch the returns come in on their investments. For those folks, here’s partial list of the best cities for investment purposes in the United States.

These cities and numbers also include the Equilibrium Home Price (EHP) which is the value of the properties in the area without any disruptions. This metric assume prices will rise up back to this level.

• Fort Worth-Arlington, Tex.. Prices there are at an average of $168,383 now but expected to rise to the EHP of $210,296. It’s good to know this place has a three year growth forecast of 25%.mar 24 4
• Dallas-Plano-Irving, Tex.. Here you’ll find an average price of $180,645 with the EHP at $204,453. The three year growth forecast here is 29%.

It’s always a good idea to use at least one financial metric like the EHP to judge the places where you will want to settle and spend your ijara loans cash. Find out more about what you’ll need to do to get started here.

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