Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | October 31, 2014

Don’t make these mistakes when buying a home.

When you find a place that you want to buy or are on the verge of selling a place you already have, you might find the ijara mortgage part of the process is the most transparent. Ijara financing has been carefully developed to help people understand how the process works from start to finish in clear detail. But unfortunately, there are other aspects of the entire homebuying process that are more murky. Following are a few tips that you should keep in mind so you don’t meander off course whether you’re buying or selling.

  • Sometimes getting an appraisal can be a great way to decide how to price the home you’re trying to sell. Although these cost money and there’s no mar 24 5guarantee you’ll like the numbers that come back to you, an appraisal shows prospective buyers that you’re serious about selling and your home has real value on the market.
  • You should never try to bend the rules on the terms of the contract as it stands. If the buyer wants you to change something you should make it clear the contract stays as is unless you’re advised otherwise by a lawyer.

Don’t be tempted by other products either. Ijara financing is the right way to stay sharia compliant and buy a home in North America.



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