Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | November 25, 2014

Still more ideas on cheap renovations

Once you get started down the right path by using ijara financing, you’ll soon find you have an increased interest for saving money and doing the right thing when it comes to a variety of different home renovation projects. Getting that first ijara loan is quite often the starting point especially when you’re deciding to renovate.

It’s important that you keep a reasonable attitude while you’re deciding on the projects that you want to undertake. For example, although recessed lighting is one of the favorite renovations that people look for, you need to keep in mind there is an extra cost for this specialized kind of lighting. Drilling holes in your drywall or plaster and lining these particular lights up costs extra money from the contractor. It’s important to keep in mind these holes need to be insulated properly to keep drafts from coming in during the colder weather seasons.

Finally, remember that it’s a good idea to tap the resources of your contractor as well because they know where to find building materials on the cheap. In many cases they can find materials that would have been put into the trash from other job sites that fit your project perfectly.


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