Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | December 11, 2014

Islamic finance and a few tips on cleaning stucco

As you probably understand already if you’ve been reading these blogs, the islamic finance products that you can buy from an islamic bank or get online through a company like this one is only the first step in homeownership. Once you start looking around and deciding on the kind of property that best suits your budget and needs, you might find yourself dealing with some interesting materials like stucco.

This is a relatively easy kind of siding to maintain and one of the biggest advantages is the fact that it doesn’t rot. It’s important to keep in mind that stucco is very porous and can hold paint better than other materials. One of the only downsides is the fact that it is generally considered brittle and can crack when the house shifts.

When it comes time to repair one of these cracks make sure that you clean away all the loose debris and depending on the size of the opening, you can generally use a paintable fifty-year silicon caulk and your finger to make a repair that’s invisible to the naked eye. You’ll need to use latex patching compound for wider cracks. It’s a natural progression from getting your first Islamic finance loan to learning the art of home maintenance.


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