Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | January 1, 2015

Decorative paint finishes to compliment your other ijara mortgage choices

New unique wall finishes are often easier and better to master than you might think. You’ll be looking for new ways to compliment the other ijara mortgage choices you’ve made and learning how to paint like a pro gives you more decorating flexibility.

Maybe one of the easiest techniques to master is called sponging. Here the desired result is an uneven pattern and all you need to do is load the sponge with glaze and dab to get various shades of one color over the base for some depth. With a little practice and using the same due diligence you did when you narrowed down your choices for ijara loans, you’ll be using this easy to use technique for walls, ceilings and even furniture in no hunting

Flat surfaced furniture and walls are great places that work wonders when using ragging. A folded cloth or lint free cotton square are the preferred materials and the dotted fields of color left are best when you’ve taken the time to practice beforehand to get your technique down. There are other techniques that add an artistic touch and decorative finishes like stippling and splattering to compliment other things you’ve done with your ijara mortgage choices.

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