Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | March 17, 2015

A few words about your ijara loan and flashing

Roof flashing is an important part of your home and every bit as critical as the ijara loan that got you the keys in the first place. All roofs have roof flashing just as all Muslims who want to stay Sharia compliant should have ijara loans. Most flashing is made of aluminum or galvanized sheet-metal and that means rust and corrosion can become a problem. To prevent the kind of leaking that comes from corrosion, a good coat of paint after several years is generally a good idea. Following are a few tips to get rid of the rust that has built up beforehand.

• Trisodium phosphate etches the surface that you’re going to paint and this chemical is branded under the name TSP at your local hardware store.
• All rust should be removed with sandpaper or a wire brush. It’s important to stage the area that you want to paint.
• A primer is important just like preliminary stages were necessary when you went to buy an ijara loan. A rust converter generally works wonders here.

Just as you were careful when selecting your ijara loan you should try to do the same when you choose the paint you are going to use on the flashing and match it up with the roofing material.

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