Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | April 24, 2015

Our process works with Ijara Canada loans too.

Even our friends north of the border can enjoy all the benefits of  ijara financing with their own special ijara Canada loans. These are offered to our neighbors to the north but they are just as Sharia Compliant as the ijara loans we offer to those in the United States. That means if you’re getting ready to apply in either country there are a few things that should be in good order to increase your chances of getting an ijara Canada or ijara USA

  1. Your credit score. You need to have a minimum credit score and our ijara Canada website can fill you in on all the particulars. Remember that it’s in our best interest if everyone passes this requirement and gets an ijara loan, so we’ve put the information on our website that you can use to get through this important aspect even i f your credit isnt that good.
  2.  You’ll need a down-payment to get an Ijara Canada loan as well. There are several different ways that you can save the money for one of these, but perhaps the easiest is the old fashioned way of putting a little away until you have a lump sum.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at ijara Canada or Ijara USA loans, you’ll need to make sure you have these requirements memorized and mastered.


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