Posted by: islamicfinancingnews | May 23, 2014

Great islamic home financing renovations for under $500

Getting the most for your dollar is an idea that every homeowner can relate to, especially after you’ve had the place for a while. Islamic mortgage financing is the best way to get the keys to a house and stay Shari compliant and here’s a few quick renovations that don’t cost more than $500 but will change the look of any room.

• Paint only costs about $30 a gallon so it’s a cost effective way to change the look of almost any space. For just few dollars you can buy some fabric that matches the curtains and drape it over for a new effect that doesn’t cost a lot.
• Bringing more light into any room is another cheap way to change the look and not break the bank. Experts here say that a few mirrors are a great way to reflect in more of the natural light from outside and , when that route won’t work, it’s a great idea to add a few inexpensive lamps to any room to lighten it up.

Finally, decorative molding is another way to draw someone’s attention to a particular point in a room. Islamic home financing and some of this molding high up on a bedroom wall will create a cozy feeling you and your family will enjoy.


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